Friday, February 25, 2011

Someone Like You

Hey guys, its time for another song recommendation from me. This week, the song I have been listening to a lot is "Someone Like You" by my favorite Brit- Adele. If you don't know who she is, that is a shame. I found her a long time ago, before her song Chasing Pavements and winning a few grammys by playing around on Itunes. I called that she would blow up in a post a long time ago. And, ya'll know how much I love being right, and I am glad I was, because she just released her latest record 21, and it is really good. If you get it, make sure you get the deluxe version on Itunes because if you don't you miss out on 2 really great songs. She did a remake of 311's "Love Song" and then there is a song called "I Found a Boy" that is really good- the kicker, you have to get the whole cd in order to get that last long, one of Itunes' album only kind of thing. Anyways, this is Adele singing "Someone Like You" at the BRIT Awards. You're welcome in advance.

I will include a few of her other songs, too because I am awesome like that.

Chasing Pavement

She did the best remake of Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am turning 26 in two weeks and I think my body has decided to fall apart before that happens to convince me that I am getting old.

Exhibit (A):
I run 3-4 miles everyday of the week except wednesday (because I play tennis) and Sunday (because I am not sure if running is breaking the sabbath or I know getting a Jamba Juice or forgotten items to make dinner with aren't, but does real physical exertion count? :/ ) Well yesterday at the gym I started my daily run on the treadmill. And at a mile, I began to feel like I do when I hit 4 miles. My shins were killing me, my feet hurt, my lungs were hurting - which is weird because I don't really get out of breath even at mile 4, so I pushed on for another quarter mile and then had to stop and walk for a bit. Pissed I thought I would just push it out, and that this was going to be a mind over matter kind of thing. I started running again and at half a mile in I thought I was going to die. (a little over dramatic.) But I was going to push through, just make it a mile Brad, just make it a mile. So I did.....and then immediately had to walk again for another minute or two. Then I was going to do it, run another mile, and only made it a half, and said eff it. Matter wins this time.

Exhibit (B):
I don't sleep very much. I average around 4, at most 5, hours a night during the week and about 7 on the weekends. Saturday I woke up at noon thirty.........Sunday I woke up at 1:30(p.m)....Monday I did fine, I woke up at 8am, and then today I woke up at 1pm. I have class at 1:30 and it takes me 40 minutes to get to school park and walk over to the law school and sit down in class. And I needed to shower. So I tried, to make it, but was 20 minutes late, so I decided it would be best to not walk in that late.

Exhibit (C):
I am still exhausted. I feel like I can sleep for another 8 hours no problem. And weirdly enough, I really want to do that. I have never had a problem with not getting sleep, I figure it gives me an advantage on all those people who need their precious 8 hours of sleep because I have an extra 3 hours a day that they don't have. I don't want to lose this edge.

So I am probably getting old........or as my mom said- you sound congested and are coughing.....maybe you are getting a cold.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missing the good old days

Did you guys see the grammy awards?!? Me neither. I was reading about illegal search and seizure. I have, however, seen pictures. Here are the said pictures:

My girl Nicki Minaj, who I respect as a rapper and is the best female rapper since L-Boogie, went all thundercat.

But not to be outdone by anyone, Gaga set the caliber to unbeatable heights:

and then emerged from the egg

This crazyness has me missing the good ole days where:

A simple kiss between two pop stars


A simple wardrobe malfunction

Were enough to cause the Superbowl to have only those over the age of 60 preform the halftime show for the next 7 years.

In times like these, I wish, celebrities would turn to my life mentor, Tracy Jordan, for advice. If they did, I think this is something he would have to say:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am so naive

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was so wise. I thought that I knew everything about everything that one could be naive about. Turns out I am totally naive when it comes to drugs and or drug references. Here is what just happened to me. I am wearing this what I thought was a cool Lucky Brand t-shirt that promoted live in lets make the earth better.

What I thought was a promotion of environmental friendliness in an organically made shirt from one of my favorite brands of clothes.........apparently is really a promotion of marijuana. My shirt is tan, not gray like the pic above, and the plant under the "LIVE GREEN" is blue. The plant....when I first bought the shirt looked like the fronds on a palm tree like this:

It is a wonderful 75 degrees in AZ right now so I thought I would celebrate the warm weather by wearing my pro-environment palm tree shirt to go to the school and study after I got home from church. So I put it on and headed to the school. Parked in the institute parking lot, was walking to the law library, having my weekly sunday phone call with my mom, when this guy I don't know said hey, let me look at your shirt. Taken off guard I did just that. Then he said, "Yeah man, bad ass shirt." To which I hear my mom say, "What is going on, Brad?!?" and I was like, "Thanks." and then walking away, "Some crazy guy really likes my shirt." I walk a little further and I get stopped again by a different person wanting to talk about my shirt. "Dude that shirt is awesome, let me read what it says." You can't tell from the picture above but on the bottom of the shirt there is writing. I never noticed it before, I have only worn this shirt once or twice, under a jacket, so I thought I would take a moment to read it with this polite stranger. He finished before I did, offered up a high five, and said, "yeah man, don't let the man walk on you grasssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is what the shirt says in smaller writing on the bottom of the shirt: "Give Earth a chance. Take a trip and support the high life. Don't let the man walk on your grass"

Now I remember reading this once before, probably when I bought it. And didn't really think anything of it. But at that moment it hit me. This shirt did not mean what I thought it meant. And the fronds of a palm tree was not on this shirt. It is really this.

Yes ladies and gentleman, that is marijuana. Ganja, the mary jane, the juan valdez, the sweet lucy texas tea. Yeah I knew all of these crazy terms for it.........but didn't really no what it looks like. And now apparently I promote it on the clothes I wear.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Some random thoughts

Nothing in particular just some stuff i have been thinking about lately.

- Norah Jones: it amazes me that i can never not like you. Your music, especially your first cd, is really, really amazing. Me and a person that I was really close to in high school, would drive around chilling to that cd. It allowed for some really good conversation. We decided that any one of those songs can just take you to a different place. Don't Know Why takes you to a beach on a cooler day where there is no one else out there but you and maybe the person you are in love with. Come Away with me, is the song that will be stuck in my head traveling to wherever it is i will go on a honeymoon......provided that it ever happens. And also provided that ever happens, i really don't care about any of the details of the wedding, and i don't really want there to be dancing, but if there is, i want to choose the song......and i want that to be Painter Song, by Norah Jones.

- I seriously cannot create a play list that doesn't eventually end up having a Killers/Brandon Flowers song on it somewhere. That is not a lie.

- I am really grateful for such good friends. I am 700 miles away from you guys, well, with the exception of WIll and Magz who are only like 300 miles away and i get to see a little more often because they are awesome enough to let me come over when I need to get away from law school and life here for a weekend. Those two are seriously the best and produced the cutest kid i have ever seen. I talk with four of you on basically a daily basis, you know who you are, and I just wanted to say thank you for your friendship it really means a lot to me, and i think you are all the best. Magz please accept this for Will, because I am pretty sure he doesn't know what blogs are.

- I have been listening to Stephen Colbert's audiobook as I try to fall asleep and have written down my favorite quotes for you:
"Sorry handball, you are just tennis for poor people"
"Every time I see a lady in the WNBA make a basket I can't help but think a guy could have done it better"
"The first sport you should ever watch is baseball. It is as American as apple pie. So American in fact, that I think it should be played with a real apple. And I have a lot of other good ideas too"
"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. Sorry Darwin-huggers, it wasn't in the beginning a monkey evolutioned gay marriage."

- My mom is awesome. That should just be a given. But as it turns out I left a few things back in UT over break, and she is kind enough to mail them to me. Seriously three packages in the last two weeks. I procrastinate a lot, especially when it comes to packing and prefer to do it all in the 30 minutes prior to when i leave to go somewhere. And i always forget something somewhere.

- Instant streaming from Netflix is the best/worst thing to ever happen to me.

- Parks and Recreation is tying with 30 Rock as my favorite show on television. And I am so glad the Office has stepped up its game this season. Dear friends at my former place of employment: I miss our Friday chats about the television shows on the night before and the office office parties we had. Good times.

- Never trust the scantily clad female who sits down at the same black jack table as you to know what she is doing. She will hit on 15 with the dealer showing a 6 every . single . time. That said dealer, will then not get the jack she received by hitting when she is not supposed to, and will get a 5, giving him 21 and beating your 20. And you will then lose.

- I had my first experience at an Indian Casino last weekend with my roommate Jake. We both learned that lesson the hard way.

- I am craving Red Iguana.

- I am also craving Cauliflower soup from Zuppa's. Or the cauliflower soup that i make from scratch. Seriously just as good as Zuppa's. I just don't have time to make it down here.

- I enjoy it being 70 and sunny during the winter. Here is to hoping it lasts until May.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Kind of a Funny Story....

If you have not seen this movie yet. Please do. It is really good. If you don't believe me watch this clip.

I think this calls for a recreation? In anticipation I have listened to nothing but Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. I am willing to do either parts.......but I prefer the Freddie Mercury part. Just a preference. Lets face it I will be a fake guitar player or play the tambourine. I just want this to happen. Also I apologize, they do the whole song in the movie, this is just a little teaser. I didn't want to ruin the whole experience for you.........also I couldn't find a video that contained the whole song on it, so this is what you are stuck with.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I hate....

getting an email from Itunes that says"Your Receipt..................$19.80" and then I have to think of what in the H did I buy on Itunes this time. Its the 99¢ fools me every time. Every.........Single..........Time