Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hi Nerds,

I got nothing.

I wanted to sit down tonight and write a novel with stories of: fun late nights, draining school work, a job that is less fun with two of my besties going on to much better things, music I am listening to, shows I am watching, movies I would reccomend, dates I have been on, how my dad is my hero, how I want to be a better person, how important doing UNICEF work is to me, how the loss of someone I don't see very much anymore is having more of an impact on me than I thought it would, how I am finally starting to get the LSAT better, about how I miss certain people, how excited I am for my brother, how I want a vacation ASAP, some new goals I have, my belief in the need for healthcare reform, my fears of the future, the size of my muscles, how I want to quit life and follow The Killers on tour, how I have been getting a ton of migrains, wendover fun, and finally how I finally got new windshield wipers.

But I am tired.......and lazy.

B-radley out.