Sunday, November 23, 2008

Poetically A-pathetic

So maybe I have been watching to much BET, but lately when I get really irritated I will come up with some rhymes in my head, stuff that just gets me to vent out a ton of frustration. Sometimes I write it down and sometimes I don't. This was one that I did. Am I the next Kanye? Probably. Here it is my blogger debut rhyme. Help me come up with a gangsta rap name.

Perfectly imperfect living out my days. The runner up, tagged out on my home run plays. The consistant second place, no trophy, no ribbon Just bumps and bruises I hang onto when I'm done. Seemingly forever lost I pretend to be found Living for laughter, my favorite sound. The jokemaker often turned into the joke... The fatman in a little coat... The constant bouey others need to float, until they can swim, sometimes ya just can't win. The fighter of the good fight, the last picked on the team. The diamond in the rough, polished but chipped. Too clouded to be on display too valuable to be thrown away. The "nice guy" who finishes last, the bait is set but the line not cast. The idealist living in reality, subject to human fraility. The kryptonite to the superman I wanna be.
That was then and this is now. I aint gonna sit and wait and wonder how. How you could have forgot about me, how you could make plans all over me. Tired of acting like its all okay, hide my feelings and put it all at bay. Its not gonna happen any more, not gonna be treated like a whore. Using and abusing me like I don't matter, then when something new come up I am second batter. Not any more I am tired of this shiz. This is something I really can quit. Not anymore. I ain't gonna be third or fourth place, I am the freakin ace who's gonna rock this base. Yeah I saw the sign, I hit it and it opened up my mind. Yeah I saw that sign.
Shoulda saw it coming a while back, when I thought it was something I could hack. History is a dirty switch, ya turned on the light and thought I could be ditched. Nope, not gonna happen any more, that was the last time my heart ever got tore up. I am gonna call y'all out when you be acting shady, not gonna act like some crazy old lady. I deserve much better than that, tired of jumpin so high but fallin flat. On my face is where I been, up in the starz is where I'll be. Lookin down on you and all that you've done, I sure hope it was fun. That it was worth it when you look back, that you don't feel like you got off track. As for me I'm done. Movin on with my life looking for a new one. Or two or three, there ain't nothing goina stop me. This shiz has got me thinking, about who I was and what I will be. I can thank you for that, you got me poetically apethitic. It about time I finally got something out of this 'ship, its been a good ride and a long trip.
Yep I got poetically a-pathetic.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Writers Block

Sucks big time, especially when you need to write a minumum of 16 more pages for some papers due on Thursday. Why, tell me why do I procrastinate? Homelessness here I come.......... ok maybe I am being a little dramatic but honestly people, why?

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Quote

After a bad day at the office and the upcoming horrible week I am about to have due to an overload of school work, Nicole, a friend of mine at work is letting me steal her favorite Jack Handy quote:
"I wish I would have a real tragic love affair and get so bummed out that I'd just quit my job and become a bum for a few years, because I was thinking about doing that anyway."
Yeah, I kinda wanna be homeless for a while. Just to see what it is like. No work no school = no problems right? I won't be one of the lazy hobos. I will perform a special talent. I don't know what talent that will be yet, but just know that it will be amazing and that it won't be called a trick. I made the mistake when telling Nicole my plan of being homeless to say that I could perform tricks on the street for survival money. After researching why she was laughing so hard when I said that I found out that apparently a trick is what a prostitute calls what she/he does with a customer.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picture Tag

I saw this on Kelly's blog and liked the idea and am lacking for ideas of what to blog about because my life has only consisted of school, work, and then school work and then after hours real work. Lame I know. Here are the rules. Open up the folder with all of your pictures. Open up the fourth folder and post the fourth picture and then tell an accompanying story. Tag you are it if you want to.

This is me of course on the mission. When I got my call to the Southside of Chicago everyone kept saying you better bring a bullet proof vest. Well my mish president was contracted by the gov't to go to Iraq and help teach the new gov't of Iraq how to run a country. This was his vest, and this is a pic I had taken after a zone leader council me and Whiting held. Awesome, I love it. Too bad I couldn't have had it with me all the time. Good thing my muscles could prevent me from getting shot. Ha ha. Tag you are it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My life since the last post.

First of all I need to put pics up about the Thriving Ivory concert. It was amazing. Such a chill band to listen to and I am soooooo glad I went.

Then on the 24th I went and volunteered at the Mexican Civic Center which held the annual Halloween Party for the children at the Rhodes Home Family Homeless Shelter. This was amazing and really helped put things into prospective for me. Me and Erik, a buddy in one of my classes, brought the costumes to the shelter that morning and talked with a few of the kids. Really made a huge impression on me. Then we helped set everything up and then walked back to the shelter to escort the kids/parents to the civic center. Had an awesome missionary discussion with Erik on the way there, which only added to the good feeling of being helpful. At the civic center we provided a big lunch, face painting, a juggler doing a funny act, story time, and then a pinata for each age group. I had to set up the PA system, and am shocked I did it. One of the kids I talked to at the shelter, AJ, helped me do it. He became my favorite kid of the group. Honestly so worth while and so glad I did it. The shelter is already completely full and they are having to turn families (children away.) Please try and donate something to the shelter this year. Here are some pics of some of the kids who are without a home this winter.

This last pic is of AJ. He was a cop and that is what he wants to be when, he said if, he grows up. No kid should have to wonder about if they get to grow up.
And lastly Kriddee's Halloween Party. It was awesome. I was MC Hammer for halloween. And I was 2 legit 2 quit. So much fun. Here are the pics.

And this is what I saw when I stepped out on my parents deck Sunday after Church. I love Mt. Ben Lomand. It looks awesome. One day I will climb it......will someone please go with me.