Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Big Apple

So I am going to New York. I board a plane in roughly 21 hours and 4 minutes.....but who's counting? I don't mean to sound like a wimp or anything but I kind of have butterflies in the belly, kind of nervous anxiety where my mind can't stop thinking and I feel like I have to be tapping my foot. New York is the place I have dreamed about going since, Idk, forever. I have always thought of myself as an East Coast person, ironic because I have never been to the East Coast. More specifically I always thought of myself as a New York kind of person. I heart big cities. Going to Chicago on the mish confirmed and reinforced my love of big cities. I love the buildings, the people, the diversity, the business, the way you can get lost in a million people yet find yourself kind of thing that big cities encompass. At least Chicago has done that for me. I know that definately I could move to Chicago and I would be perfectly ok. I kind of know that about San Diego and the O.C. as well.

But New York is different. Much much more different. It's New York. Over the past 15 years I have dreamed of going to NYC and have built it into something that I am afraid could easily disappoint. I hope it doesn't. I think NYC is the mecca that progressive thinking Americans must take at least once in their lives. And here I go, on my own little Mecca to the capital of everything awesome.....I think I am about to pee my pants. And I will feel that way until a few days after I get back.