Thursday, July 9, 2009

True Confessions

True confessions is something one of my best friends says to me right before she is about to say something either really personal, personally embarrassing, or embarrassingly funny. I think that this post is going to contain a mixture of all of the above.
Embarrassingly Funny
I heart Michael Jackson. OK I said it, it feels good to say it publicly, because the last ten years it has been uncool to pop in an MJ cd unless it is Halloween and you are ripping Thriller for a bad A party. I am ashamed to say that I would have to jam to MJ when driving in my car by myself. If only you could see me bumping to "Beat It" or "Billy Jean" or "Smooth Criminal" or fill in the blank with any MJ song, for the last ten years you probably would have been embarrassed for me. Well guess what it is finally cool again to heart MJ. So suck it, now when you hear me blaring down South Temple with "The Way You Make Me Feel" following behind, please recognize my coolness, and take a moment of silence for the greatness that was MJ.
Personally Embarrassing
His death has had me thinking a lot. Like a little too much about death and how unexpected it is. I really feel bad for him. He was dealt a pretty tragic life. He had an abusive father, shoved into the spotlight at a young age, and had to deal with the never ending onslaught of fame and the public eye for all of his life. I have noticed with great musicians, when they reach this iconic level of amazingness, that they break. Each break differently in their own uniquely weird way (Elvis, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, David Bowie, etc)where there musical Guinness takes a hold of them and they sort of lose touch with reality. Unfortunately for MJ this was all too public, all too misunderstood, and far too sad. I really think he was a good person, who did a lot of good for others, and changed music forever.

Really Personal
I blog a lot about how much I look up to my parents and family. They mean everything to me. But I think I don't tell some of my friends, who are true personal heroes to me, how much I look up to and admire them. So this part of the true confessions is going to be dedicated to a few of them. If your name is not listed here, don't flip out. I don't have the time to list everyone, just a few that I really need to tell them because I really want them to hear it.

I think it is amazing how fast that we have been able to become amazing friends. If you don't know her, or know her well, I really think that you are missing out. She is my hero because she has sacrificed so much of her life to take care of a little boy who needed a home and had no where else to go. She took him in, gave him the one thing that he really needed, unconditional love, and has given him everything. She literally has saved her little guy, and it is because of her that he will become an equally amazing person. You know in the scriptures you read about charity. Charity being the pure love of Christ. I think it is because it costs something, it requires a real sacrifice. She exudes what real charity is day in and day out raising a small boy as a single mom, and I hope she knows how well she does it. Also she is one of the funniest people I have ever met.

I don't see or talk to my old roomie near as often as I would like. If you haven't met Wes, just know that he is one of the coolest people I have ever met. In all honesty, I never felt adequate enough to be considered one of his friends. And I am pretty awesome, and for me to admit that, should just tell you how awesome he really is. He is just one of those people who is naturally good at everything. He can play any sport, can play the guitar, sing, and everything else, better than you will ever be able no matter how hard you practice at it. I have probably played Wes in tennis over twenty times and have lost to him every single time. I hate losing. I hate it, especially at tennis. But somehow he never gloated about it. He is always just really laid back and chill and one of the most down to earth guys I have ever met. That is why he was able to marry Jesse, who equals him in the awesomeness I just used to describe Wes. Those two are so effortlessly cool, I was lucky to have Wes as a roomate and them both as people I considered to be really good friends who I really look up to, and hope to be cool enough to not feel inadequate when around them.

Leigh has this innate and unique ability to get people. All people. No matter who they are, what circumstances they may find themselves in, she gets them and understands them. I kick myself in the face for never being as good of a friend to her as she has always been to me. She is one of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for.

She just came back to visit and I am so glad she did. She just got married not too long ago to a cool guy named Jim who is in the armed forces. She sacrifices him everyday in order to ensure the freedoms that I enjoy every day. She has done this for a few months and will for a few more until he comes home. I find that amazing and inspiring. She is a constant reminder for me to pray for the military and for their families back at home, because without them, me and my big mouth would have landed me in the slammer in so many other countries. But because of their sacrifice I can live in the here and enjoy the freedoms that I have.

This kid I miss big time. He was my best buddy in high school. I like to laugh so all of my best friends can make me laugh like no other. Gilfillan. You know how there are just certain people that you just kind of lose touch with, even though you don't want to, it just kind of happens, but when you do see them it is magically like it hasn't been two years since the last time you talked. He is one of those kind of people.

One of my really close friends. Another sacrificer. She really gives so much to other people that it is really humbling for me to see how much someone will do for their family. I am so glad that we are neighbors and that we have become such good friends.

Everyone at work knows why McCall is a hero. Work just isn't quite the same with her gone. I get really sad whenever I go into her old office. Sometimes I forget and come into work with something that I have to tell McCall and then remember and think crap, she is not there. I don't think she understands how helpful and cool she really is. Lucky people in Pittsburgh are getting her and her just as cool husband Tannon for the next few years. They better be greatful.

Anyways, I hope this post is coherent. It is almost four in the morning and me and my dumb insomnia are finally calling it quits for the night. Please, if your name was not listed here, don't get mad, I don't have all day to list everyone, I just needed to tell these guys this. You will probably get an honorable mention in a post at sometime in the near distant future. Just know that I appreciate you friendship.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top Ten: NYC Version

Ok ok ok, I get it. People want to see pictures from my trip to NYC. So here they are in a top ten form. Enjoy.

10. The Chrysler Building

This is one of the coolest looking buildings that I have ever seen.

9. Time Square at Night

8. Ground Zero

My hotel was two blocks away from Ground Zero and I walked passed it almost every day I was there. It was a really sombering sight to see. I think that we have forgotten.......sad.

7. Besties

This is a picture of the besties I made while I at the Unicef Conference that brought me to New York. Meet Shristi and Olivia, and that is my friend Aj that I work with and helped start the club Unicef Red. We had a lot of fun from chilling at the conference from Shristi and Olivia pretending to be Mormon with me for a night. Classic. They were a ton of fun.

6. 30 Rock

It is no secret that I love NBC Thursday night comedy line up and Saturday Night Live. Hence spending most of a day at Rockefeller Plaza. Here is an awesome pic of the GE building.

5. Random Pic I photo-shopped

I walked down this street on my way from the headquarters for the US Fund for Unicef. So I decided to take a picture of it and then played around a little with it. What do you think?

4. Top of the Rock view of Central Park

Really amazing.

3. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty really is an amazing sight to see. I layed down in the grass in front of her and took a lot of pics. This one for some reason is my favorite.

2. View of Manhattan from the Top of the Rock

I spent 45 minutes on top of the Rock taking pictures and just admiring New York. It was really my favorite place in all of New York.

1. Time Square Remix

I black and whited this pic and then added a color focal point of the yellow taxi. I really love this pic and am going to blow it up and frame it.

All in all NYC was a lot of fun. So glad I went. So glad that I made new besties and got to be with one of my old besties, Leigh. It was soooooooo good to see and be with her again. She is definately one of my heroes.