Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So I am moving

It is that time again. I am moving back to AZ. Really crazy. A big part of me wishes I could stay longer - another part is ready for a new adventure. I decided to move into my own apartment this go around, so that will be interesting. And I had to rent it site unseen, so this is going to be a big adventure. I looked at a few places before I moved back, and had a place that I wanted and had in mind, and like all things in my life, I waited too long and they didn't have any available. So I turned to what all people do when they are desperate: Craigslist. I found a cool place in scottsdale about 5 miles north of school. I am semi-familiar with the area, but have never driven past this complex. The inside has been renovated recently and looks least from the pictures the realtor posted on CL. This will be my before post: meaning i will post the pictures that the realtor posted and then post pictures of what it actually looks like when i get there. She promised me that there will be no difference, and that the place doesn't smell like pee or smoke, and that it has been nicely taken care of and is super clean. This adventure is going to be CRAZY