Friday, November 19, 2010

May I recommend....

That you listen to this gets me. For reals, I just discovered this guy on a sleepless night playing around on iTunes. But this guy is Bob Dylan meets Gavin Degraw meets James Morrison meets my soul. Okay, a little over dramatic. But for reals, listen up kids, this guy has some real talent:

Song Title: Lawn Full Of Marigolds
Artist: Joshua James
Album: Build Me This

I moved myself west to find a philosophy,
to learn my geography at best.
Where the mountains are cold,
the rain drops it's tears, I'm told.
Amongst the ashes a heart of gold, they say.
I guess it's best to imagine it that way.

So I bought me a book to teach me the ways of God,
to open my tarnished heart from it.
Started praisin' the Lord & talkin' in tongues & code;
I did repairs on that broken road back home.
I guess it's better than being alone.

And now to death: I'm dying.
To love: I'm trying.
To God: I'm lying again.
And to my Ma: I've failed you.
To my Pa: I [always] blamed you.
And to God: I have shamed you again.

So I moved myself out, I pictured a better home-
a lawn full of marigolds, I guess.
I headed back east, started thinking my hope away,
depression was the one to stay since then.
Now, I take pills to push it from my head.
Yes, I take pills to push it from my head.

And now to death: I'm dying.
To love: I'm trying.
To God: I'm lying again.
And to my Ma: I've failed you.
To my Pa: I [always] blamed you.
And to God: I have shamed you again.
To God: I have shamed you again.
To God: I have shamed you again.

also, if you like, listen to these ones too:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Hairy Theory

So, I have this philosophy, that as my hair goes so goes my day. I know that sounds what people may call gay, but I am comfortable enough with myself and my love for Alicia Keys to have this discussion. If I have a good hair day, my day seems to be just as good as my hair. If it is bad, well the day pretty much sucks. Does my hair make my day or my attitude at the beginning of the day shape my hair and the rest of my day? I don't know, I am not a scientist and or a psychic. I have just noticed the correlation, and decided to document it as proof. Here is my proof.

Day of Haircut: Not So Sure. I didn't style my hair, Monica at Knockouts did. Knockouts, or as I like to refer to it, Hooters Haircutting. It is a very fun place to get your haircut. Not only is that title well deserved, but each station has ESPN on on your own personal television. The only thing that seems out of place is that there is not hot wings. And the chicka, in my case Monica, asks which game you would like to watch, and then proceeds to tell you which games are on and who she thinks will win. I somehow always feel suspicious of this, like a happy ending proposal is only minutes away, but the two times I have been there it has not happened. Although, I have never gotten a massage there (yes they are offered) so who knows. I for one, am not going to try and find out. Anyways, I can never be sure of my hair after someone else does it. It usually looks alright, but never quite like me.

A few days later: Figured Out What to Do with It = Good, long, productive, day of going to court and meeting with judges, lots of reading and writing done. Good times for all

Then there was the bad day, where I went into the bathroom after showering to do my hair and said out loud, "Eff it. Not today folks, just not today" and that was basically my attitude for the rest of the day resulting in this tragic mess at the end of the day

And then today, I woke up and thought you know what, life- not too shabby, and this came about:

Why? This may or may not be a question going through your head at this very moment. Why is Brad blogging about this? Did he really take this many pictures of himself?

Well let me tell you. 1. I don't know. 2. I really don't know why I blog about the things that I do, just deal with it. 3. Yes, I really did take this many pictures of myself. Its called a webcam, it makes taking random weird photos of yourself very easy.

I have always had this hypothesis of as the hair goes so goes the day. And I wanted to share that random oddball fact, and see if anyone else concurs.

Also, I hate going to anyone that I don't know cut my hair, they don't know me or how much my hair apparently will affect my day. My friend Jamie used to cut my hair and always did an awesome job. Then my sister started cutting my hair, and does an awesome job. My hair was getting too long and couldn't wait until I went home for fear of a constant time of picture number 3. So I went to Monica, she seems to do a pretty decent job......but Katie is just as good and free. Luckily I go home for Turkey day soon and Christmas, and the free hair cuts I have enjoyed for the past few years will be back and hopefully so will more days like pic 2 or 4.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top 10 Old Betty's

Okay, before I do the top ten ladies of 2010 I thought I would do one of the ladies that paved the way for the hotties of today. It should be no secret but I love old movies. Acting was just different then that it is today. It was classier. Today is more realistic, fast paced and edgy. But then it was just classy. As you all know I love movies, all movies, oldies, foreigns, indies, everything. If I wasn't wanting the surety and safety of a law career I would have loved to do something with the film. D-word practicality. Anyways, I digress. So with two exceptions, all these ladies hit their peaks in the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's. What else could they do? They could make smoking hot. No girl today can do this. None. But there was something about them back then that makes me understand why so many people die of lung cancer now.

10. Lucille Ball
You may just think of her as this:

The lovable, funny, accident-prone ginger from I Love Lucy. But before she was that she was this:

She paved the way for funny gals everywhere. I Love Lucy.

9. Jean Arthur
She is in one of my all time favorite movies, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I would also recommend Can't Take It With You. She is a cutie, but I think it is her voice that gets me. This is her in Mr. Smith.

And this is my fave pic of her:

8. Goldie Hawn
Okay, I know she isn't that old. But I am talking young Goldie. Like Laugh In Goldie. And that started in the 1960's so she can stay on the list. She is also the MILF of a girl who has been a regular on my top ten list since 2004. Will she make it this year? You will have to wait and see. (Building Anticipation)

Goldie, on Laugh In

My fave Goldie:

7. Bette Davis
Those eyes inspired songs. All ABout Eve, good flick. But look at those Eyes. Also may I recommend youtubing Brandon Flowers singing Bette Davis Eyes, it is a good rendition of the song.

My fave Bette:

Okay I embedded the Brandon Flowers Bette Davis Eyes. You are welcome.

6. Julie Andrews
How could I leave this classic sweet heart off the list? That's right I couldn't. Is she attractive? Yes. Not the classic bombshell that some of these ladies are. But for every Eva Mendez there has to be a Natalie Portman, am I right? Still cute, much more talented, than the others, and often less recognized for their beauty. Julie Andrews, the Natalie Portman of her time?

My fave Julie:

5. Katherine Hepburn / Ingrid Bergman
Ahhh a tie. I needed to include both of these ladies in the top 5. Smart, sexy, and in some of the best movies of all time.

Ingrid Bergman
You probably know her best from the classic, and one of my fave flicks, Casablanca, or from the classics For Whom the Bell Tolls or Anastasia. She is the second most oscar awarded actress of all time. Second only to.......wait for it, wait for it....
Ingrid in Casablanca:

My fave:

Katharine Hepburn. You may know her from a billion different movies. She is the most oscar awarded actress of all time at a total of 4 best actress (out of 12 nominations) and according to Wikipedia is ranked as the best actress ever by the American Film Institute. I believe it. My favorite movie of hers is Guess Who is Coming to Dinner. Funny, provocative at the time, and good message. Although her other classics are Brining Up Baby, On Golden Pond, The African Queen, and The Philadelphia Story.

Classic Katharine:

My Fave:

4. Grace Kelly
So pretty she became a princess. Literally. Princess Grace of Monaco. But before she was that, she was in my second favorite Hitchcock movie, Rear Window. Probably best know for Mogambo, Dial M for Murder, and Country Girl, that is other than becoming a humanitarian and princess. Honestly there isn't a single bad photo of her. Here are two of my faves:

Classic Grace:

My Fave (You know I dig a chick in cool shades)

3. Audry Hepburn
Is there anyone classier than this chicka? The answer is no No there is not. My favorite movie of hers is Charade. Shut up, I know there are a billion others that are just as amazing and probably more praise worthy. Its just my personal fave. Deal with it.

Classic Audry:

Fave Audry:

2. Norma Jean Mortensen aka MF Marilyn Monroe.
Yeah, like she wouldn't be on the list. Say what you will about her, I love her. She really needs no introduction.

Classic Marilyn:

Fave Marilyn:

This is my fave because of how simple it is. Not a whole lot of dolled up, uber sexy, like she usually is. This is the Marilyn i picture as the real Marilyn. The off the camera Marilyn.

Ok, not a movie star. But really one of the hottest models of all time. Sorry Heidi Klum, but I put her just above you and just above Gizelle. You may unfortunately recognize her from my sisters favorite show, America's Next Top Model. But you should know her from changing modeling forever. I heart her.

Honorable mentions: Bridgette Bardot, Tippi Hedren, Ava Gardner, Jayne Mansfield

Okay, there are so many other betty's of yester year that could and should be on this list. These are just ten that came to me right now. Other suggestions?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I need this song in on my ipod, like right now...............but it is not for sale anywhere that I can

you may know her from this song

or from this

Sorry it won't let me embed. But I highly suggest looking it up