Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh the stupid things that I do sometimes

So here is a funny stupid thing that I managed to do. On Friday night a bunch of us went to Brock's apartment to have a barbeque celebrating his new place. After we got done eating we played a game of two hand touch football (because girls were playing) and it was me, brock, and Kriddy against Missy, Chaney, Lawrence and Mike. I was a receiver for most of the game except for two plays when I was QB. During one play as receiver I went for a long pass, caught it and ran it into the end zone. After such an amazing accomplishment I felt I needed to celebrate and since I had not practiced my normal touchdown dances for quite some time I decided to try a round off backhand spring combination. Now it was a colder night and the grass was kind of wet, and I was attempting this on a hill, and I had been slipping and falling all during the football game, and I haven't done that combination in like 8 months, but inspite of these obstacles I honestly thought that I could pull it off and finish an amazing touchdown play the way it is meant to be celebrated. So I ran did the roundoff fairly well, as I landed I felt myself slip but tried to jump through it and bend backwards, unfortunately due to the slippage I did not get the jump right which didn't allow me enough time to bend my back enough to get my hands down on the ground and I ended up landing on my back and head and doing a backwards sommersault and hitting my head again on the ground. I may have given myself a concussion. But I went on to score another T-D and we won the game 3 or 4 to 1. Overall it was a fun game but I think I may need to retire from my gymnastics days. Sad.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A new thing I am amazing at

So I found a new hidden talent that I didn't know I had. I am exceptionally good at the msn game scrabble blast. I just got 107 points for finding the word crafted while getting a double word and a triple word bonus from it. I ended that game with a career high 1175 points. I think I should compete in the olympics, but then again turning pro will get me more money.......it gives me something to think about.
Anyways you should try and play it sometime. Here is the link: http://zone.msn.com/en/scrabbleblast/default.htm?intgid=hp_TopFreeOnline_6_SCRABBLEBlast

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesdays Top Ten

Okay everybody this time I have been creative for the top ten. Here is a top ten list of my favorite pics from my trip to Cali. Solving two problems in one. Also it somehow ended up being in a somewhat chronological order. So that is good.

10. The Drive. I know I am blinking but I added it to show how we all felt on the twelve hour drive it took to get there. It was fun but definately a long drive. In this pic is Kristy, Brock, Tyler, and Missy and Me in the back.

9. The first thing we did was go to Huntington Beach. Brock had some boogie boards that he brought and the guys spent most the time trying to ride some killer waves. It was fun, this was my first time ever going to the ocean so I spent like five hours in the water. It was great. I got a wicked tan line from the band around my wrist tied to the board. It was fun. In this pic is me, brock, Tyler, and the brit Lawrence

8. Six Flags- Magic Mountain: This was also my first time going to six flags. It was a blast except we went on every possible ride. This is in line in front of Tatsui or whatever it is called. Kriddy looks a little scared, I look a bit amazing mixed with not paying attention.

7. My lost picture. So when I was eight I got lost in Universal Studios for an hour or two and it became the running joke the whole time. It is a funny story but a long one so just ask me about that one when we have time to talk and this picture will be a lot more funny. Anyways my friends knew to come here if I got seperated.

6. Me pulling the sword out of the stone: It is rigged not even the largest muscles in the world could pull it out.

5. Waiting in line for space mountain: This was a good time. Me and Tyler dropped a few rhymes, there were a few thats what she said jokes told, and at the end an awesome ride. Good times.

4. Two Goofy's: Me, Tyler, and Chaney decided to take a pass on the Dumbo ride and checked out a hat store by the ride. This is what happens when you are bored waiting for your friends to ride a lame ride. It was fun and I think we were about to get kicked out of the store but we got some sweet pics out of it.

3. Captain Brad Jack Sparrow: So me and Chaney decided we had enough of wet rides and looked around stores while the others rode splash mountain. I found this hat and wanted to be Jack Sparrow. How do I compare? I often am told that I look better than Johnny Depp

2. The whole gang: There were seven of us that went on the trip and here is a pic of all of us. Lawrence, Missy, me, Brock, Kristy, Tyler, and Chaney. Sweet group to experience Cali with.

1. Okay here is my favorite pic of the whole trip. It is of me and my new sugga mamma Minnie. It is important to note that she kissed me twice, but some kids stepped in the way of the pic. Minnie wasn't bashful at all and basically tackled me to the ground. If I wasn't a man with morals and a deep love for Alicia Keys then who knows what would have happened. Anyways it is a sweet pic and I am lucky it turned out.

So that was my amazing Cali trip. A 12 hour drive, a day at the beach, two days at disney, a day at magic mountain, another day at disney and then a drive to Vegas. Spent the night there and some time on the Strip and drove to Cedar to meet up with Sarah and Stephan and then home in time for mamma's day. AWESOME!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Great Debaters

I went and saw this movie back when it was in theaters and really enjoyed it so I bought it earlier and just got done watching it. I know in an earlier post I put it as I think my number 3 favorite movie of 2007, but it could be even higher. It is not as artistic as Juno or Atonement, but it delivers a message that makes you feel. I think it tells a story that needs to be heard by everyone. I know that there will be some that obviously will not or have not enjoyed it as much as I have and will continue to do but I strongly encourage everyone to see it.

It involves two things that will forever be linked to my heart. The first as the title gives away debate. I will admit that in high school I was on the debate team, and for a year I helped run the team with our coach Shulz. Now I know what you are thinking......Nerd Alert Nerd Alert..... which is only slightly true. I do play and watch about every sport there is, but I think it is that I like organized competition and debate introduced me to a new type of competition that required me to do more than physically outlast my oponent. In debate I had to out think, be able to come up with a quote from Locke, Rousseau, Thoreau, Shakespeare, Gandhi, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Mandela, Dr. King, Helen Keller or Mark Twain at any given moment with an accompanying historically or personally true story to equate with the quote and relate both to the topic assigned and be able to speak on that topic for five to ten minutes without any notes. It was a rush of adrenaline for me, it felt the same as standing across the net waiting for my opponent to serve the tennis ball at me, or to be tossed the basketball and have to take it down the court and initiate a play, or waiting for my turn to begin a tumbling pass. It has helped me not to be afraid to stand up in front of a large crowd and give a speech and it has helped me to control my nerves because it was easier to see I was nervous while giving a speech than returning a serve or a myriad of other sport analagies I could use. I am really glad I took the class and am glad that there is finally a movie that sheds some light on what is done in debate.

Second reason why I love this movie, and much more important, it is a movie about racial equality. For those of you who know me you most likely know how important this issue is for me. I believe that everyone on this planet is a child of God and that God is no respector of persons. This means that God does not care what the color of your skin is and therefore no one else should either. I do not think that any anyone is better than anyone else because they have lighter or darker skin than I do. I hate racist stereotypes, racial jokes, and any derrogatory term given to a racial group. I believe that race is a social concept created by man out of greed and laziness. It was a way to establish that one group of people were inferior to another and therefore deserved less. I hate it when someone is describing someone else and the second thing they refer to after their gender is generally their race. I hate living in a world where race is so central to everyone. Me being the race I am does not define who I am or the moral fortitude that I have or how I should treat anyone else. I get tired of people who say: why does there need to be a black history month because there is no such thing as a white history month. To this I say, you are taught white history, almost always from a white perspective, for every history class you have from kindergarten up. That is why you do not learn about the genocide of American Indians, the true horror of slavery and the continued shady treatment blacks receive today, or internment of Japanese Americans or the horrible treatment of Mexicans in the Southwest, in any depth whatsoever. You learn that the United States had slavery, but that thanks to Abraham Lincoln you don't anymore. Sometimes you will hear a little about Harriet Tubman and the undergroud railroad, but again no depth. You are taught that Manifest Destiny is a great and noble idea and that American expansionism west was great but you do not hear about what the cost was to American Indians. Sorry I could go on this for a very long time, it is just a topic that makes me a little irate. Racism just makes me a little sick.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The week of Spring

So I am sitting here at the receptionist desk looking out the window and seeing how nice it looks outside and decided to check the weather. Nice mid seventies until sunday when it jumps to 90 degrees. What the h? When did spring only last a week? Lame is all I have to say, Lame.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesdays Top Ten

Okay before I start this weeks top ten I need to tell you that there will be a cool post about my trip to California in the near distant future. There will be pictures and stories so keep a lookout for it. It should be happening soon.
Anyways this weeks top ten is my favorite tv shows.

10. The Munsters and the Dick Van Dyke Show. I grew up watching some of the old television shows and these two are great. If I can't sleep at night I will occasionally flip it to TV Land and watch one of these if they are on.

9. King of Queens and Scrubs: These two are tied as well. Both are hilarious.

8. Saved By the Bell: This show is a classic-who honestly didn't watch it when they were twelve, or 23...... It is just good, don't judge me.

7. 30 Rock: I am a big Tina Fey fan and this show has turned out to be great. Alec Baldwin and Tracey Morgan are great on the show as well.

6. House: It is like ER but funny and with better stories. Dr. House is awesome.

5. American Idol: Okay again don't judge me. It is good, I don't care what you say. There is always some really talented people on it.

4. Seinfeld and Arrested Development: Classics they should be in everyones top 5.

3. 24: It is the most intense 24 hours of the whole year. With the exception of the 6th season but Fox is promising the best season yet for season 7- hopefully it will redeem itself

2. I love Lucy and the Cosby Show: Again you are not better than me so stop judging. This show should be on everyones top five. Anyshow that can be made in the fifties and still be on television today has got to be amazing. And it is. Lucy set the bar for what a sitcom is supposed to be and I am going to give her the recognition it deserves. And Bill Cosby, c'mon name someone funnier.

1. The Office: Probably not a surprise to anyone who has ever had a conversation with me. It is the funniest show ever. I am slightly addicted to it. That is probably an understatement.