Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some of my fave SNL stuff

So it is probably no big secret that I love SNL. Here are some of my favorite ones with the exception of recent Tina Fey Sarah Palin skits-those are fantastic but I couldn't just choose one. Sorry some might have brief commercials.
Beyonce, JT, and Paul Rudd- Single Ladies

justin timberlake snl beyonce single ladies video

Debbie Downer

Anne Hathaway-Mary Poppins

Natalie Portman Raps (Warning bleeped out f words, maybe inappropriate for minors. Haha)

Angelina wants more babies

Really with Seth and Amy, Really

Sorry, couldn't sleep so I was playing around online and thought you all could benefit from it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Living for yourself

Apparently does not include school work or cleaning your room. At least not on a daily or a weekly basis. Putting off school work and room cleanage for five weeks means a lot of fun, a trip to San Diego, and did I mention a lot of fun, but these five weeks have finally hit a crossroads. My room is literally a giant mess and I have three papers due in a week and a half. Do I know what these are on? Have I read anything to get me ready to write them? Do I even know when the are due?....not really, just in a general sense, I remember looking at my syllabi (that is pluaral for syllabus, right?)at some point and making a mental note that a lot would be happening in February, somewhere in the twenties. Last time I checked, and then was reminded every where I went today, it is apparently February 13, well it is after midnight so I guess it is V Day. (Side Note, my friend's coworker wished her a happy VD, then had to have it explained that if you want to shorten Valentines Day, call it V-Day, VD means something entirely different....As a further sidenote I submit calling February 15 VD Day, because I am assuming that is the day you find out that maybe Valentines day isn't such a good idea.)
Anyways back to the point at hand, I gotta get my schooling on, and fast. Also I guess I have to do a class presentation or something on Tuesday, about contructivist theory in international relations, yeah pretty intense, and am not even sure if I spelt constructivist right. And get this, teach wants me to give her an outline by tomorrow night, on what it is I am going to do. So I get to spend V-Day making up an outline and then VD Day figuring out exactly what I am going to present on. Lame.
I guess life has to eventually catch up with you right? Even though my V Day and VD Day are going to suck, I don't think I would take anything back that I have done over the last five weeks. It has been fun. Living to make yourself happy has been the best and only resolution I have kept this year. I am not so worried about what others think, I beginning to care less about it. Instead of getting worried when I think someone is mad at me I say boo on them. Treating other people the way they treat you is kind of theraputic. Thinking you know what, they really don't care how you feel when they treat you this way, you should care just as little, as bad as it sounds feels kinda good. I am experimenting with this new way of looking at life and those who I interact with, and it is kind of interesting. Those who treat my like crap, are now all of a sudden mad that my backbone is showing again. That I am not saying thanks serve me up another junk punch and keep em coming all night, please. Those who treat me like they should probably don't notice too much of a difference. This goal of not being the proverbial doormat, is paying off. I feel less stressed, less self-cautious, and am getting back to being me.
I want to thank a few people, who have been really awesome to me lately, and for no apparent reason. First my work friends. You know who you are. Thank you for making work a place I don't dread going, no matter how much someone is trying to make it be that way. I do have to say that I have always had awesome friends that I have made from work. Then my roomie and the girls upstairs. Even though this weekend (actually doing homework) is going to suck, the past five weeks have been killer. Thanks for keeping me occuppied. And the others of you, know who you are, thanks.

Coming soon in a future post, the family pictures that were three weeks in the making, and a movie update.

PS: I didn't know how to incorporate this into my post but feel the need to tell you all about my bad luck day on Thursday. All in one day I broke my phone, a copier (literally a door to it fell off after I closed it), and a blender all in a day. All not on purpose, all corresponding with the first letter of a swear word I wanted to say. Lame day huh? I dealt with it better than I thought I would. Weird.