Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to the Real World: DC

Okay so as all of you probably know, I am an addict of the Real World. I was a true watcher all through high school, and then picked it back up when it went to Brooklyn. So it is time for my seasonal Real World Post where I give you my list of favorites and those I don't like.

Those cast members I like:


Emily is a hippy chick that I have loved from the very beginning. She is someone that I want to be friends with. She is who she is, doesn't really let anyone else influence who she is, speaks her mind, is honest with those when they need it, yet a little mysterious at the same time.


Mike is by far the coolest dude in the house this season (not a hard thing to be with a house full of d-bags this season). I was kind of surprised by the whole bisexual reveal, and inspite of some bad decisions while trying to figure out who he is and what he wants in life, but I think that he has the best attitude of anyone else in the house. When he fights with others I think that he makes a good stance, handles the situation fairly well, and tries to repair things. I like that he was the first one to get a job in DC, and one that involves service. All around good guy.


Callie is the sweetheart of the group this season and apparently the cast drunk dialer. That was funny and sad at the same time. I think that she will be the least drama in the house and that will make her the Baya of this season-aka the one with the least amount of camera time, but I will like her anyways.

Those I Tolerate:


I initially thougt that I was going to love love Ashley, and I did in the beginning. We all know how B-rad loves a biatch. But enough is enough already. You can only be a biatch and play the victim for so long before it gets old. I still like her more than I dislike her, hence the placement on the top of the tolerate list. I hope she grows up a bit, lets other people get close to her without jumping all over them, and heals some deep set wounds that are obvious from what we have seen so far this season.


I initially started off hating and liking him at the same time. He is a dork, a funny, loud mouthed, horny, dork. I think that he is funny but in a way that gets old quickly. Congrats to him for finally getting some. I hope it was worth it.....but I am guessing not.

Those I Dislike:


Oh Erika, I wanted to like you, I really did. I thought that maybe you were this cool, hipster (btw I normally hate hipsters) emo chick with a good voice. Later we learn that immaturity and self-centeredness is what makes you the singer who sings about sad clowns . Thats a metaphor, I hope you get it.


I have hated Ty from the very beginning. Manipulative, lyer, chuavinist, intolerant, jack a, are all words I would use to describe Ty. He is rude to everyone, manipulates the situation to make everyone else around him look bad, and lies about everything. Now that he pushed Andrew off the porch for no reason, he will forever be on this list.


I want to preface this by saying that I have no respect for those who cheat on the person they are in an exclusive relationship with. I think that nothing is tackier, horrible, and lame as being a cheater. And that is what he is. And then he justifies it by saying I am a man, I couldn't help myself- really? Really? As someone who is almost 25 and still a virgin let me tell you that guys can help it. They can if they really want to. Bad news Josh, you also cannot sing. Take it from someone else who can also not sing, you can't as well. Those who can't sing can spot those who can't sing from a mile a way, and you suck.

All in all an interesting cast, some good stories, not a whole lot of trashiness, make this season of the Real World a pretty good one. Let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Where are you? I wake up in the morning and just want to go back to sleep. I go to class (sometimes) and play on my phone the entire time. I go to work and go through the motions day dreaming of a much better place. Homework.....still wondering why it is half way through the semester and I really haven't done any. Oops.

Here is what I need to do:
Fill out 20 more law school applications
The TAP Project is not going to run itself
Get a 3.6 this semester so my graduating GPA will definately be over a 3.5
Work out......yeah really bad
Get my tennis on. I am taking a class (again) for the second half of the semester and I want to be the best in the class.
Find cheap health insurance
Clean my apartment
Organize my life
By then probably reclean my apartment.

So I am thinking about posting an ad on craigslist to see if someone will come sprinkle some motivation on my corn flakes every morning......