Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The New Addition

Well as most of you know I went home for spring break so I could see my new baby niece get born. Well not actually get born. I do not even want to watch my own children get born. I maintain that I was meant to be an adult in the late 50's where the times were simpler. Where Nat King Cole was on the radio and men stayed in the waiting room where they belong. Where I Love Lucy was on the television and husband and wives had their own beds........and you all wonder why I am not married yet. And my inability to behave like a normal adult is a post meant for a different day. This post is dedicated to my precious (yes I realize that as a straight adult man that word should not be coming out of my mouth but once you see these pictures there are really no other words left to aptly describe her.)

Introducing Brooklyn Love Cummings. Coming in at 7bs 2 ounces and 18.5 inches long.

Just minutes after being born

Dressed up

Grandma Love with Baby Love (Brooklyn's middle name is taken from my Grandma Love)

My sister Kylee with the baby

My sister Katie with the baby

Just the most adorable face you have ever seen

The baby and her favorite person

Me and my new favorite person

My niece holding her sister for the first time

My nephew holding his sister for the first time

Easter pic

Just another adorable Easter pic of my nephew and nieces

Ahhh, these kiddos have me wrapped around their fingers. I am a chump.


wendyberd said...

she looks like you!
how did that happen????