Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Alive

Well, sorta. I know I haven't posted in a long, long, long time, and as a friend recently pointed out, she has read the entire internet twice, and would appreciate something new to read from me specifically. So Melissa, this one is for you and the 4 other people who read this blog. School has been super killer this semester. On top of a full load of classes I also am externing at the Regional Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs. I use the full name to make it sound even more important. Basically i work in a small building just outside of the VA hospital in PHX. It has been a good experience and I work for some really nice people. It just adds 18 hours of work to my already hectic schedule.

I have managed to finally take pictures of my apartment. You may remember I moved into this place sight unseen minus some Craigslist photos. I am tough. Whatever. And then I promised to take pictures of the place so you can see where i live and then never did. Well the other day I cleaned the apartment (minus the bedroom so obvi there are no pictures of that (maybe one day I will get that up)). So here is where I live.

I also managed to totally OCD organize my closet. So here are pictures of that.


Missy said...

THANK YOU!!!!! This entertained me for 2.5 minutes. Your apartment looks awesome btw craigslist did not steer you wrong....or make you a statistic. :)

Dionne said...

Nice pad friend, Thanks for getting my apartment ready for me! HAHA...Yeah this is like the 2nd time I have logged on to Blogger in ugh, a year? and miss ya friend!!!